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He belongs to those males that like to compete in everything, but who are very fair and correct — this human has great expectations from himself and others too, especially those who belong to his team. He is not particularly flexible, and the biggest trouble in his life may come in the time when he must work in some collective that he does not like.

When surrounded by people who are fond of him, this man can definitely prosper and enjoy his creative work. A man that is born in the cusp between Leo and Virgo can encourage people in difficult times, and his enthusiasm attracts people. He is often surrounded by people, not only because he loves it, but also because people are naturally gravitating around them. This is the person who never thinks too much of the past and thinks of such people as being freaks.

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He likes to mess with friends and treat them well. He is rarely bitter it does not last long, but his reactions can be very strong and very easy to forgive. He is the type of person that respects and understands the differences in people and accepts them for who they are — as long as he is respected for who he is, with all of his differences.

She is the dominant lady who likes to keeps thing under her control, and she is a perfectionist who must deal with her own strength.


And that strength is big and needs to take care of in a positive way if not, this woman shows her destructive nature. Others are drawn to her, and can rarely resist her charm, in every way she is the one that is doing what she wants. Passionate by nature, she who is born on the cusp of Leo and Virgo wants to be conquered by the best, cause she is the best and wants to have everything the best possible.

In the majority of things that she is doing, this lady is very theatrical and original — she can love like no other. In every interpersonal connection, this lady demands admiration and respect, and if she does not get it, she is not going to be in that relationship for a long time.

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She needs a feeling that she is desired and that her abilities are respected in the environment in which she lives in. What can happen in her life, is the situation where this lady strives to fall in love with the wrong men, who have no means to satisfy her. She does not only wants to be loved, but she also wants to be loved and flattered by all the beautiful things in her life. She is very dignified and dominant, cunning and noble in her attitudes, able to be faithful as long as she receives love and recognition from her partner — if not this lady becomes unbearable.

This lady is often when she wants to be in the centre of attention, she is a woman for fun, with a thousand fans who look at her even if she has some phases of shyness or reclusiveness. Many claims that people who are born on the cusp between Leo and Virgo signs are human beings who can be absolute workaholics. This comes from the combination of the Leos superiority and a strategic master that comes from the analytical and practical Virgo. These persons rarely make mistakes, cause the majority of things they do are almost incapable.

These are the people of a powerful intellect and are capable of doing everything that is set before them as a task to perfection.

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Since they do not allow themselves to be mistaken or to be criticized, it puts them in the rank of the perfect, and in their professions, they are truly the best. Love usually struck them, but if they find a lover who is their true match, these people can adapt and be perfect someone needs to meet their criteria, it is almost impossible so they do not give many lovers in their lives. The quest for the ideal is long, but they succeed if they find the person they will mourn and who will listen to them.

These people who are born on the cusp of Leo and Virgo are, in many ways humble and gracious and they genuinely enjoy the role of host of any celebration and event. Close friends are in their lives chosen according to their ability to keep up with the great energy that they have as well as the strong sense of dignity and commitment to individual values.

They will certainly do whatever is necessary to protect those who they love, and loyalty is what matters the most to them in every aspect of their lives. In the end, they will do all it takes to protect people they love, but these humans are also those who will clearly show their pride.

The tendency toward perfection is precisely their disadvantage, in others, they create great nervousness and often it is very difficult to withstand them, as well as a great sensitivity, especially on the critique that is extremely difficult to bear. He loves admiration and hates when people comment on him and his actions some negative way —. Their sporty spirit that runs through all areas of life simply does not allow them to build their success on the failure of other people. Self astrology chinese zodiac signs get personality traits of virgo libra cusp.

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