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Earlier, the behavior was indeterminate and the chart notes were lost sometimes. Next to dasa calculations etc, one can see 6 different divisional charts instead of normal two.


This is an important update and Jagannatha Hora is a lot more stable and robust now than in the past. Getting updates will also be easier from now onwards. One can just download a 1 MB file and run it to install updates. One can also use another modified Lahiri ayanamsa that uses the fixed solar system rotation plane Vishnunabhi plane for projecting the co-ordinates rather than the oscillating ecliptic plane and fixes Chitra star at deg.

For example, you can find if slow moving planets transit the 10th house from dasa sign during a rasi dasa. For example, there was a crash when a divisional chart is used in sarvatobhadra chakra and some other chakras in the past. Such crashes and bugs are fixed.

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One can mix solar months with soli-lunar days tithis as taught by Sanjay ji or just use soli-lunar months as done in tradition for celebrating birthdays and festivals e. Sri Rama Navami, Janmashtami. Font installation had problems in the past. Now it should be fine. One should be abke to view charts in Indian languages without problems now. You can seamlessly update without remembering where you installed or doing any copying manually.

All preferences are now stored in jhora. It is a flexible format. If user updates to later versions in future, one's preferences will not be lost again and one will not have to reconfigure.

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In this version, however, all preferences will be reset to defaults. Please change them to what you like. You will not have to do it again. It is a good idea to back up this jhora.

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If you PC crashes and you re-install JHora, you can copy the backed up file to get your preferences. In future, jhora. There are several other bug-fixes and improvements. In general, this will be the stable base version going forward. Please discontinue using previous versions and move to this. Those who maintain copies of JHora for downloading should also change to 7.

deszeratalderp.tk Please stop using or distributing previous versions of JHora. VedicAst rologer.

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A brief overview of the native astrology application follows. Native Linux apps Astrolog You can install native Astrolog version 5. Type in a terminal: sudo apt-get install astrolog The program has many functions, but the main disadvantage is its spartan interface. To launch program, type astrolog. In the foloowing, you will type things like day, month, year, time zone, latitude and longitude etc. The output will be text-only.

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There are many more switches like -X and options configuration file- astrolog. Configuration file can by copied i. Refer to astrolog help file or official documentation. You can download ready made binaries or add the repository from www. Below is a screenshot of the main interface. Mindmeld Mindmeld is an open-source Python based astrology library that allows simple calculation of Grant Lewi numbers, Jan Spiller, Chinese astrology lookups, as well as numerology based on Dan Millman's book on the subject.