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Mahak mr,. Patrick Kota Mr piggy what does this year have for me? I'm sure I'm going to be there for me this year.

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Everything they say about a pices was true for him. I am a Libra and my daughter, our only child, is a Taurus. We are just alike. For me it is not working and I am very unhappy and looking to leave.

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Very nice person and great sense of humor. I am a Libra and my hubby is a cancer!

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Together 14 years and married for 5. We are fine. At the end of the day never go to bed mad. So, my best advice is to also try and figure her out and making her laugh will help. We are a strong couple in the eyes of alll of our friends. I think you would also have to take into account your sun and moon signs as they are also big indicators to their personality. His sun and moon is a sag. Born literally on the cusp of the two.

So personally i think if you love this person dearly and can imagine a life with this person and make sure you both speak to each other then of course it could work well. I cheated and he was cheating on me Also!! Now he is engaged still A cheater!!!! Im a libra dude, went out with a Aries gurl for 7months,then She left my Sorry ass for a druggy.

So Aries is off my list. I am a Libra girl, had a bad marriage with cancerain. I have a cancerian sister too, and have conflicts since childhood. Very negative people.

Sag are too temperamental and always too stubborn to admit they are wrong. Recently he tells me he cheated with a whore.

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Bottom of the barrel in my eyes. Get tired of what they have. Have control issues, addiction issues, have no problem lying, and no common sense. He can be good I know it. So I wait or he continues to ruin a good thing. Our signs say we are compatible. Once you know how to deal with one another things work out very well. We play off of esch others strengths and help one another with our weaknesses. Any relationship is hard it just depends on how bad you want it to work out! Iam a libra and my husband is a aries, we been married 12 years now. With many ups and downs, an split ups but have always came back to one another.

Hes nit good with communication at all. I am Libra, married Capricorn, together 15 years, marred 13 years. Not a good match at all. Most Libra are better off with no marriage. I believe. I am a female Libra I get very bored quickly. I need a man totally into me I need to be his queen and I will honor him as my king as long as he honors me.

I like e to laugh and I am very concerned controlling with my house keeping, I must have a schedule and clean home inside and out.