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With the sun traveling through your orderly sixth house of health, work environment, and day-to-day due diligence, you'll likely be thriving in the workplace. Make sure to soak it all up. Virgo season is here to help you create the life you deserve. It doesn't matter whether you've met your goal yet, Taurus. You're a lot closer to it than when you started, and that's a good enough reason for you to be proud.

Besides, with the sun beaming through your expressive fifth house of creativity, romance, and individuality this season, you'll have no problem hogging the spotlight. You need a day off, Gemini. There's nothing wrong with analyzing yourself and finding ways to better your situation. However, being self-conscious, or perhaps overly critical, isn't going to get you anywhere. Also, with the sun getting cozy via your domestic fourth house of home, family, and innermost feelings, you'll likely be feeling a bit more introverted than usual.

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Do you. Lots on your mind these days, Cancer? With the sun beaming over your chatty third house of communication, thought process, and immediate community, you're highly focused on checking off your to-do list and perhaps even taking care of important paperwork. This is an excellent time for socializing and making connections, so go ahead and tap into your sparkling intellect.

Your birthday season's over, Leo.

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Besides, I think you've shopped enough for all 12 zodiac signs, don't you think? Needless to say, with the sun activating your second house of finances and self-worth, you'll be paying a lot more attention to your spending habits this season. On a brighter note, however, this is an excellent time to brainstorm ways to experience comfort, both personally and financially. Happy Solar Return, Virgo. With the sun back in your sign, you're likely feeling more energized and revitalized compared to the way you felt throughout Leo season.

Although, I sure hope you got some rest last season because there are a number of opportunities headed your way. Tricks or treats? All Hallow's Eve is always incredibly spooky and festive, but everyone's different. However, these are the…. If you believe everything is going according to plan, think again. The stars are switching things up and providing you with plenty of excitement this week. Embrace the thrill of the ride, because your October 7, , weekly horoscope is full of….

Astrology doesn't sugarcoat the truth. But, honestly, why would you ever want it to? Astrology presents you with an opportunity to delve deeper into the cycle of life. In order to truly embrace growth and become a better person, you've got to keep…. There is no such thing as smooth sailing in astrology. Instead, astrology describes the emotional roller coaster that is life. At times, it's downright difficult and it may even feel like there's no hope in sight. Luckily, there's always a new day….

Creativity is subjective, but in the end, all worthy pieces of work should be open to interpretation. Truth is, it doesn't matter whether you're entertaining the idea of writing, or expressing yourself through a blank canvas; you are the creator. All Hallow's Eve is approaching, and if you're not sipping on your warm Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte, then you're probably out looking for a costume.

Although, despite the highly anticipated seasonal festivities, these four zodiac signs hate…. There are two types of sarcastic folk: those who can't help but hysterically word vomit what's going through their mind, and the subtle back-handed compliment givers who secretly enjoy getting a rise out of you. Pluto, your spiritual planet is moving forward and day by day your spiritual 12th house gets stronger and stronger.

With your love and career planet Mercury in your 12th house as well as Venus, the message of your Horoscope is, get right spiritually and health, career and love will take care of themselves. Everything will fall into place this week. You can further your career and probably make important contacts as you get involved in charities and altruistic causes.

Also, your spiritual understanding and intuition will help the career as guidance will come to you in dreams and visions and through astrologers, psychics, tarot readers, spiritual channels or ministers. Capricorn : Your health needs watching. You may have to drop lesser things from your schedule and this often entails tough choices.

You can and should schedule more massages and health treatments into your diary. Pay more attention to the kidneys, colon and bladder.

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Safe sax and sexual moderation is important and detox regimes seem called for. The good news here is that the family seems supportive. Your success is akin to a family project and the family as a whole seems elevated in status thanks to you. Aquarius : A lot of positive things are happening this week.

Your career planet Pluto brings more confidence and clarity about career issues now. Your 10th career house becomes more powerful day by day with Mercury already there and on the 8th, Venus moving in.

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This begins a yearly career peak. You have support from the family and you have their encouragement.

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Your success is their success. Children, children figures and the family as a whole are elevated in status due to your efforts this week. In addition, the Sun in your 10th house signals the support of your current love and your social connections too. Later on, a lot of your current socializing is career-related and it is one of the ways you will advance your career. Pisces : Your financial planet Mars enters the 8th house regeneration this week and spends the rest of the month there.

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Thus you prosper by prospering others. The focus should be on the financial interest of others — the spouse, partner, friends and investors.

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To the degree that you succeed, your own prosperity will happen by the karmic law. This is a time for tax planning and becoming more tax efficient. Insurance planning is also in order. For those of you of appropriate age, it is the right time for estate planning as well.

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Borrowing, paying off or refinancing debt also goes well with good access to outside capital this week. Love these horoscopes.

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Back in March mine advised that I would be finding help for my health that would be the best ever, would not be cheap, and yes, I found that doctor and he has helped me with food and holistic drops and support. No, it has not been cheap but I have lost nearly all my weight and feel fantastic. Thanks — Laurie B. The weekly horoscopes are exceptional.


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