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Above all you believe in homely values, in traditional roles and old-fashioned honour.

Cancer Compatibility - Astrology Companion

Though caring and protective of those they love, Cancerians can be touchy and quick to take offence. How compatible are you, who floats your boat and who drowns your spirit? Find your winning combinations here:. When you fall in love, you give your heart completely and cling tightly to your mate. Why is romance stuck in a rut?

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Will life and love be brighter in ? Both live in their own fantasy worlds and rarely glimpse the harsh realities of the real world. However, they can only escape into their dreamy, watery world for so long. It's doubtful that both signs will swim out of their dream world to take care of the mundane, but one of them must eventually dip into the real world long enough to pay a few bills and figure out the budget.

Cancer Compatibility: What Is The Best Match For Cancer?

At first, this will seem like the perfect relationship, but unless it's tempered with a few doses of reality-checks, a Pisces and Cancer couple could end up being carried too far off course and caught in a rip tide or worse, tossed onto the beach. Metaphors aside, one partner will need to be better grounded in reality in order for this relationship to flourish into the once-in-a-lifetime love it could be. Earth signs work well with water signs to co-create a life together.

Earth gives water form and contains the many energies and ideas flowing from water signs. Water signs nourish earth and help grow ideas into profitable business ventures as well as a home and family.

Cancer Compatibility and Water Signs

Cancer longs for security and stability. People of this sign want a solid financial foundation and a home they can enjoy. Capricorn's ambition excites Cancer who understands the importance of goal setting. Home and business will be closely interconnected. Cap would make a great business partner with Cancer. This pair could build a dynasty and love every moment working together to create it.

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  8. Cancer will expect Taurus to come charging in, but will be pleasantly surprised by the bull's sense of style and taking things slowly - at first. Taurus' sensual nature and deep appreciation for beauty will quickly win over the sensitive Cancer.


    The Bull's love of the finer things in life fits in with Cancer's appreciation for creating a home. Together, this pair knows what they want, and they can have it all.

    This match moves along at a snail's pace. Virgo doesn't take risks, especially when it comes to love.

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    Virgos want to be sure their Cancer partners are really as good as they seem. Time is the biggest tester of authenticity, and Virgo isn't in any hurry to rush into this relationship and create a situation where there is no way out. First things must come first, and understanding mysterious Cancer is the first priority. The first thing Virgos notice is how much Cancer needs their help in getting life organized and prioritized.

    What Zodiac Signs Are Best Compatible With Cancer?

    Once trust is established, the relationship will move steadily forward and can grow into a profound love of deep appreciation for each other. Cancer's emotions are always close to the surface. It only takes a very light scratching to find the wellspring of emotions that can scare off most air signs and extinguish passionate fire signs.